Three new editors are joining GSA journals, GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics. We’re excited to welcome Arash Bashirullah, Noah Whiteman, and Yun Li to their roles as Senior Advisory Editor for GENETICS, Genome Report Senior Editor for G3, and Associate Editor for GENETICS, respectively.

Arash Bashirullah

Senior Advisory Editor, GENETICS

Arash Bashirullah headshot

Dr. Arash Bashirullah is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he is also the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education. He was an Associate Editor for G3 from 2016-2022; chaired GSA’s International Strategic Planning Group in 2018; and served as an advisor on the GSA’s Early Career Scientist Communication Subcommittee from 2017 to 2019.

Bashirullah’s lab uses genetic, cellular, and molecular approaches to study the hormonal control of animal development with Drosophila as the model organism. The goal of their research is to identify novel genetic and cellular drivers of development and disease.

Bashirullah is responsible for the instruction or coordination of several classes taken by PharmD, BS, and PhD students in the School of Pharmacy. He is also a Faculty Trainer in the Genetics and the Cellular & Molecular Biology Programs at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. As the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Bashirullah is responsible for the oversight of facilities and processes that support academic research and graduate education in the school. He recently participated in the Academic Leadership Program of the Big Ten Academic Alliance.

Noah Whiteman

Genome Report Editor, G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics

Noah Whiteman headshot

Noah Whiteman’s research focuses on unraveling the evolutionary histories of interacting species and the genetic basis of adaptations arising from those interactions. They focus on how toxins are a fulcrum around which these species interactions revolve.

Although the systems his lab have studied are diverse, the questions are all about the evolution of species interactions. A strength of their lab is pursuing studies that bridge between model organisms and those organisms that are difficult to study but remarkable in terms of their natural history.

Yun Li

Associate Editor, GENETICS

Yun Li headshot

Yun Li is a statistical geneticist with extensive experiences in method development and application on genotype imputation (developer of MaCH and MaCH-admix), genetic studies of recently admixed population, design and analysis of sequencing-based studies, analyses of multi-omics data including mRNA expression, DNA methylation, chromatin 3D organization, and imaging genetics. She has played an active role in genetic studies of complex human traits resulting in many GWAS and meta-analysis publications, including more than 30 articles in Nature, Science, Cell, and Nature Genetics. Li is leading multiple NIH projects on statistical method development for complex trait genetics. Li has received many awards and was granted the Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher award due to her high impact scientific work.