GSA is pleased to announce the winners of the early career awards presented at The Allied Genetics Conference 2024. These awards are specific to particular TAGC communities and recognize early career scientists’ outstanding work on their respective research organisms. The awardees will present their talks in keynote sessions at TAGC 2024. 

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C. elegans 

Sydney Brenner Award

Sneha Ray 

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center  

The Sydney Brenner Dissertation Thesis Award is presented to a graduate student who has completed an outstanding PhD research project in the area of genetics and genomics of C. elegans.


Larry Sandler Award

Sherzod Tokamov

University of California, Berkeley

The Larry Sandler Award is presented to outstanding recent graduates who have completed a PhD in an area of Drosophila research. The award serves to honor Dr. Sandler for his many contributions to Drosophila genetics and his exceptional dedication to the training of Drosophila biologists. 


IMGS President’s Award

Jason Bubier

The Jackson Laboratory for Mammalian Genetics

This new award, the IMGS President’s Award, is presented to an early career scientist in recognition of their exceptional accomplishments in independent research in mammalian genetics. The award celebrates their contributions both to the IMGS and the field of genetics as a whole.

Population, Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics (PEQG) 

James F. Crow Early Career Researcher Award

Olivia Harringmeyer

Harvard University

The James F. Crow Early Career Researcher Award is presented to students and recent PhDs conducting PEQG research. The award serves to honor Professor James F. Crow and his numerous, impactful contributions to the field of genetics. 


Angelika Amon Award

Xiaoxue Snow Zhou 

New York University

The Angelika Amon Award is presented to an outstanding recent PhD graduate. The award serves to honor Dr. Amon for her many discoveries through the use of yeast genetics, and her exceptional dedication to training and mentorship.


International Zebrafish Society Genetics Trainee Award

Mollie Sweeny 

Duke University 

The International Zebrafish Society Genetics Trainee Award recognizes excellence in research, in particular discoveries leading to significant scientific or technological advances through the use of zebrafish genetics.