Congratulations to all the winners of poster awards at the Yeast Genetics Meeting 2022!


Austin Lytle, Morehead State University

Poster Title: Genetically engineering a strain of S. cerevisiae with a single circular chromosome

“Using our experimental approach, I successfully circularized Ch. II in S. ceraviseae and current analysis shows no phenotypic differences between the circular and wild type strain.”

Naomi Moresi, University of Washington

Poster Title: yEvo Lab: A University-High School Collaboration to Evolve Caffeine Tolerance in Yeast

“Working in collaboration with high school classrooms to evolve caffeine tolerance in yeast through experimental evolutions.”

Vanessa Pereira, Concordia University

Poster Title: Genetic Network Rewiring Between Distantly Related Yeast Species

“I investigate the conservation of the genetic interaction network between two distantly related yeast species, Schizosaccharomyces pombe and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.”


Julie Chuong, New York University

Poster Title: The effect of genome architecture on copy number variant dynamics during adaptive evolution

“I study the effects of natural and genome variation on copy number variant formation and dynamics during adaptive evolution.”

Kate Morse, UC Berkeley

Poster Title: Investigating Transcriptional Interference Induced by Long Undecoded Transcript Isoform (LUTI) Expression

“I study the mechanism underlying transcriptional repression that occurs by reathrough transcription from long noncoding mRNAs called LUTIs.”

Dayag Sheykhkarimli, University of Toronto

Poster Title: Environmental protein interaction dynamics at proteome scale

“We multiplexed millions of Yeast Two-Hybrid experiments across dozens of perturbations via Barcode Fusion Genetics technology, yielding the first atlas of proteome-wide dynamic interactome maps for yeast.”

Karla Zuniga Gonzalez, The University of Manchester 

Poster Title: Regulation and consequences of SNF1/AMPK complex control across different stress conditions. 

“Understanding how the stress-specific coordination of SNF1 kinase complex aligns the adaptive response to glucose depletion and oxidative stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.”