Adam Fagen was formerly Executive Director of the Genetics Society of America.

GSA is pleased to join with the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) and The Gruber Foundation to announce the recipients of the Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award:

  • Maria Barna, PhD, Assistant Professor of Genetics and of Developmental Biology, Stanford University
  • Carolyn (Lindy) McBride, PhD, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University


The award, supported by The Gruber Foundation, is bestowed every three years to two women geneticists at the beginning of their independent research careers. Winners are selected by a joint committee appointed by GSA and ASHG from nominees around the world. The award recognizes outstanding genetics research in two categories: mammalian genetics (including human genetics) and non-mammalian genetics. Each winner will receive $75,000 to be used as she chooses for her research.

The committee also selected two additional outstanding candidates to be named as honorable mentions: Rachel Dutton, PhD (University of California, San Diego) and Elizabeth Murchison, PhD (University of Cambridge, UK).

The award will be presented on Friday, October 9, 2015, at the ASHG 2015 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD.


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