GSA is grateful for the support of all its members, but we would like to give special acknowledgment to those who made additional donations toward our activities in 2018. Charitable donations to GSA support the future of our field through professional development programs, advocacy, travel awards, and much more.

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2018 Donors*

Swathi Arur Maurice J. Kernan
Flora Banuett Sirikorn Khumwan
Celeste A. Berg H C. Kistler
Diego Bonatto James B. Konopka
Nicole Bournias-Vardiabasis Douglas Koshland
Julie A. Brill Edward A. Kravitz
Thomas Brody Susan T. Lovett
David A. Brow Erik A. Lundquist
Andrew Chisholm Eleanor M. Maine
Richard W. Clinnick Miriam Meisler
Lynn Cooley Corinne Michels
Gregory P. Copenhaver Michelle C. Momany
Dean S. Dawson Beth A. Montelone
Dirk Jan de Koning Blake A. Oakley
William Dove Genny Orso
Arthur S. Edison Thomas D. Petes
JoAnne Engebrecht John R. Pringle
Nora Engel David W. Pruyne
Janan T. Eppig Jasper Rine
Teale Finkel James H. Roberds
Catherine H. Freudenreich Maurice Rosenstraus
Jens Frisvad Rodney J. Rothstein
Charles S. Gasser Helen K. Salz
Susan A. Gerbi Cameron Sammons
Jadwiga M. Giebultowicz Stephen W. Schaeffer
David Greenstein Trudi Schupbach
Eric S. Haag Joshua A. Shapiro
Shin Hatakeyama Evan B. Siegel
Daniel A. Henk Jeffrey A. Simon
Michael A. Herman Good Street
George R. Hoffmann Siyu Sun
Deborah A. Hogan Lorraine Symington
Scott Holmes Richard Tashjian
Naoto Ito Kelly Tatchell
Judith A. Jaehning Jeremy Thorner
David B. Kaback Anne Villeneuve
Earl Kang Fred Winston
Lisa C. Kelly


We also thank 81 anonymous donors.

*Donations made between December 19, 2017 and December 18, 2018

GSA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.