GSA’s new audio interview series is designed to help you discover and share interesting perspectives from the genetics community—even when you only have five minutes to spare.

The excitement of science is meant to be shared.

What if you could hear scientists share—in their own words—the value of their work using yeast, flies, worms, and other genetic research organisms?

What if, at the same time, you would gain insights into some very cool biology and inspiration to talk even more about your own work to broader audiences? 

What if you could do all this by just grabbing a snippet—a few minutes here and there between running a gel or going to a seminar? 

And, what if you could share these short snippets with friends and family outside science (you know, the ones who don’t get that “fruit fly obsession”), so they glimpse why this kind of work is so important? After all, people outside science may want to know how science discoveries are made and how discoveries might benefit them, even if the endpoints of the research are not totally obvious from the get-go.

GSA is thrilled to introduce SNPets

Join me and our genetics colleagues—Nobel Prize winners, GSA leaders, and other scientists making breakthrough discoveries—as they discuss the sometimes-twisty roads to their discoveries, how their research organisms made it all possible, and what the scientific community means to them. 

Got a minute? Check out a SNPet for a quick pop of inspiration. 

E. Jane Hubbard is 2022 GSA President and Professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

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