We are pleased to announce the recipients of the GSA Poster Awards for posters presented at The Allied Genetics Conference 2024! Undergraduate and graduate student members of GSA were eligible for the awards, and a hard-working team of judges made the determinations.

Congratulations to all!

Faith Akoachere, Syracuse University

Functional characterization of systemic RNA interference in C. elegans

Allison Beachum, University of Virginia

Multiple glial subtypes interact and compensate for the loss of nearby glial function

Puja Biswas, University of British Columbia

Female specific increased Insulin/insulin-like growth factor signaling pathway promotes increased body fat in Drosophila females than males

Marvin Cortez, Princeton University

Non-ciliary roles for the cilia-motility associated gene Cfap298 (Kurly) in zebrafish and mouse

Tristram Dodge, Stanford University

Ancient gene duplication and recent non-coding structural variation underpin pigmentation diversification in swordtail (Xiphophorus) fishes

Eduardo Gameiro, Institute for Molecular Biology

Genetic analysis of the yeast DNA damage response with a genome-wide inducible degron library

Artemiza Martinez, Lehigh University

Using experimental evolution of hybrid genomes to identify genetic incompatibilities in yeast

Shannon Pfeiffer, University of Delaware

Characterizing the effects of WEE-1.3 depletion on spermatogenesis in C. elegans

Victoria Placentra, Emory University

Homeostatic control of intestinal stem cell renewal by two transcriptional regulators

Rebecca Ray, Lake Forest College

Investigating the bidirectional relationship between traumatic brain injury and sleep homeostasis in D. melanogaster

Wyatt Toure, Columbia University

Genetic and molecular bases of hybrid dysgenesis in deer mice

Catherine Zhang, University of Toronto

Investigating the role of the Drosophila PI 4-kinase four wheel drive during spermatocyte cytokinesis

Honorable mentions:

  • Cyril Anyetei-Anum
  • Sayan Biswas
  • Ryan Clough
  • Elli Cryan
  • Eloïse Duramé
  • Yi Gao
  • Lauren Hodkinson
  • Dana Jackson
  • Nicolas Lee
  • Kayla Ly
  • Jeffrey Matthew
  • Colin Miller
  • Xheni Mucelli
  • Hannah Munby
  • Sherif Negm
  • Meri Nehlsen
  • Mia Peifer
  • Nathan Rather
  • Susannah Schloss
  • Colby Schweibenz
  • Emma Steinson
  • Rebeccah Stewart
  • Karli Sunnergren
  • Jennifer Viveiros
  • Shane Warland