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  • Brainbow zebrafish

    February GENETICS Highlights

    The February issue of GENETICS is out now! Check out the highlights below of the full Table of Contents here.   A neuroprotective function of NSF1 sustains autophagy and lysosomal trafficking in Drosophila, pp. 511–522 Daniel T. Babcock, Wei Shen, and Barry Ganetzky The accumulation of toxic or misfolded proteins is a feature shared by several neurodegenerative…

  • Image courtesy of Ning Wang and Takao Komatsuda. An Epiallele at cly1 Affects the Expression of Floret Closing (Cleistogamy) in Barley

    January GENETICS Highlights

    The January issue of GENETICS is out now! Check out the highlights below or the full Table of Contents here. Gene expression variation in Drosophila melanogaster due to rare transposable element insertion alleles of large effect, pp. 85–93 Julie M. Cridland, Kevin R. Thornton, and Anthony D. Long Cridland et al. report the first genome-wide analysis…

  • crispr gfp worm

    December GENETICS Highlights

    The  December issue of GENETICS is out now! Check out the highlights below or the full Table of Contents here. Ectopic centromere nucleation by CENP-A in fission yeast, pp. 1433–1446 Marlyn Gonzalez, Haijin He, Qianhua Dong, Siyu Sun, and Fei Li The mechanisms protecting the cell against formation of ectopic centromeres (neocentromeres) are poorly understood. Gonzalez…

  • G3

    New in G3: Worm RNAi tools, oyster sex & primate lice endosymbionts

    Oyster sex, a watermelon map, coconut transcriptome, and a primate lice endosymbiont genome in the new issue of G3 online now! Also tools for C. elegans RNAi and predictive histone acetylation patterns. Check out the Table of Contents below: G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics  November 2014 Distinct and Predictive Histone Lysine Acetylation Patterns at Promoters, Enhancers, and Gene Bodies…

  • GSA Journals Spotlight 2013

    The GSA Journals, GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, are proud to present our annual Spotlight booklets for research published in 2013. Each Spotlight is a showcase of the excellent research and scholarship published over the course of the year, along with a selection of striking images submitted by our authors. Browse the 2013 GENETICS Spotlight. Browse the 2013 G3 Spotlight.

  • Post Feature Image

    Instagram Link Archive

    This an archive of images and related links from our Instagram account (@geneticsgsa). August 2, 2018 Our August GENETICS cover features a colorful karyotype from the Yeast Art Project. This design, made up of yeast engineered to produce different pigments, was “printed” onto a Petri dish by an acoustic droplet ejection robot. As the yeast colonies…