Tina Mukherjee
Associate Editor

Tina Mukherjee is an Associate investigator at the Institute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine (inStem), in Bangalore, India where she leads a laboratory as part of the Regulation of Cell Fate area. The interest of her laboratory lies in understanding the importance of metabolic activity in innate immune development and function. The lab uses Drosophila to explore the diverse impact of metabolism on innate immune development and function. While this defines Mukherjee’s core interest in metabolic regulation of hematopoiesis, she also employs the power of other model systems in uncovering the underlying animal physiology that regulates these developmental level immune-metabolic state transitions. This allows Mukherjee to integrate physiology with immune-development and constitutes her fundamental approach in identifying novel paradigms of myeloid development but also hematopoiesis in general.

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