A new associate editor is joining G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics. We’re excited to welcome Steven Munger to the editorial team.

Steven Munger
Associate Editor

Steven Munger, PhD, is an Associate Professor at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, where he applies a systems genetics approach that integrates multi-scale genomics and genetic data from genetically diverse mice and embryonic stem cells to define the genetic and molecular bases of pluripotency and cell fate decisions. Munger received his BS in Biology from the University of Michigan and his PhD in Genetics from Duke University. As a first-generation college graduate from a small town in rural Michigan, he is acutely sensitive to the systemic barriers and personal obstacles that make it difficult for students from economically disadvantaged and underrepresented communities to enter and succeed in STEM fields. In his own lab and through his service to GSA, Steve is committed to finding solutions to lower these barriers and actively support and promote the next generation of talented young researchers from diverse backgrounds. Outside of the lab, Steve enjoys traveling, cooking, playing with his golden retriever Higgins, and starting and almost finishing DIY house projects.