Beatriz Vicoso
Associate Editor, Empirical Population and Evolutionary Genetics

Beatriz Vicoso is an evolutionary biologist with a broad interest in how and why genomes change over time. Her research has focused on the evolution of sex chromosomes, such as the X and Y of fruit flies and mammals or the Z and W of birds and butterflies. During her PhD in Brian Charlesworth’s lab at the University of Edinburgh, she compared how genes evolve on the X and other chromosomes of the model organism Drosophila. During her postdoc in Doris Bachtrog’s lab at University of California, Berkeley and since 2015 in her own group at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, she has examined the genome sequence and gene expression of various model and non-model organisms, and Vicoso has used them to investigate the origin and diversity of sex chromosomes on a broad phylogenetic scale.

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