The Presidential Membership Initiative was launched in 2020 as a way for the Genetics Society of America to invite talented and creative individuals from diverse backgrounds into our community. We are pleased to introduce the next cohort of Presidential Members. Throughout 2023, they will network with one another and with other Society and Board members, participate in GSA Conferences, and be valued additions to our community. Welcome, Presidential Members!

We are introducing Presidential Members this week, so be sure to check back and meet your new colleagues.

Oluwafemi Falade
Graduate Student

I focus my research on the production of single-sex offspring using biotechnological approaches.

Mika Gallati
Graduate Student, Hart Lab, Brown University

I study the familial ALS gene sod-1 using C. elegans as the model for neuron degeneration. I am researching candidate mutations that cause suppression of the neurodegenerative phenotype.

Nabeel Ganem

I am exploring the underlying non-genetic differences that generate stable variation in behavior among individuals.

Yi Gao
Junior Specialist, Lee Lab, University of California, Irvine

I study the epigenetics effects induced by transposable elements in fruit flies. Specifically, the epigenetics silencing effects at heterozygous transposable elements insertion sites.

Geovana Garcia
Graduate Student, Oliveira Lab, Sao Paulo State University (Jaboticabal campus), Brazil

We use Drosophila melanogaster as model organism to study mitochondria. I’ve been analyzing biochemical/metabolic effects of the alternative oxidase xenotopically expressed in larvae.

Natalie Gonzale
Graduate Student, University of Georgia

I am investigating the genetic basis of hybrid seed lethality. For my research I work with closely related species of Mimulus (Monkey flowers).

Dana Jackson
Graduate Student, White-Cooper Lab, Cardiff University, UK

My PhD project focuses on elucidating the fundamental biological and regulatory driving forces that underpin asymmetrical, subcellular localisation of mRNAs in Drosophila sperm development.

Kreeti Kajal
Graduate Student, Hsu Lab, Academia Sinica

Regulation of intestinal stem cells

Eduardo Kessi
Young Researcher, Centro de Estudios en Ciencia y Tecnología de los Alimentos (CECTA), Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH)

In our group, we are interested in all aspects of yeast genetics, from basic research in cell biology (e.g., finding genes involved in TORC1 activation) to biotechnological applications (e.g., genetic improvement of wine yeast strains).

Anna Lassota
Graduate Student, Soller Lab, University of Birmingham, UK

I am a PhD student working on the regulation of genes at the RNA level using Drosophila melanogaster and Apis mellifera as model organisms. My research concentrates on alternative splicing regulation with the main focus on Down Syndrome Cell Adhesion Molecule (Dscam) gene being the record holder in alternative splicing diversity.